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About Us

About Puka Prints

We Print Fabric!

Puka Prints was started in 1999 by Dickie Yokogawa, who had many years of experience in the garment manufacturing and textile printing industry.

We are the ONLY LOCAL Hawaii business that produces hand-printed fabric, which in turn leads to higher quality printing. We "burn" our silk screens on location from the film design. Our ink is hand mixed to match your color selection. Then the fabric is printed using our two 93 ft. long tables and screened by hand to ensure proper transfer of the ink to the fabric. The pattern is repeated until the desired length of fabric is reached. The hand-screened fabric is then put through our dryer to cure the ink. This hand-screening process also allows us to print in smaller lengths so you won’t have to over purchase your fabric.

Our family-run business has served many organizations, garment manufacturers, Hula Halau, and retail operators. Contact us today at 808-842-0690 to learn more about us or to request a consultation, or quote on the fabric services you're interested in!
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