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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the process for someone just starting?
  • Customer’s design must be transferred to film.
  • The film is “burned” onto the screen.
  • Fabric sent to Puka Prints OR have us order.
  • Customer provides production order (fabric color/ink color and yardage to print).
  • Most orders have two week production window from the time of order.
  • Orders picked up, cash must be paid prior to pick up or at time of pick up.
  • Customer is so happy, they order more!

What services do you offer? 

Our main service is fabric printing as well as screen set up. We have the capability to order fabric upon customer request. We DO NOT do designs or sew; however, we can coordinate if desired.

What is your minimum? 

We don’t have an “official” minimum; however, we prefer orders of 60 yards or larger. Smaller orders are subject to higher pricing.

Do you sell fabric? 

No, however, we can put you in touch with fabric sellers OR order fabric for you.

Do you design? 

No, however, we can put you in touch with designers and we also have some “house” designs for customer use.

Do you sew? 

No, however, we can put you in touch with businesses that do sew.

What do you do with a customer’s screen once it is produced? 

We can store a customer’s screen once produced; it is the possession of the customer and will not be used for anyone else.

How much do you charge? 

  • There are charges for screen production and printing. 
  • Screen production charges vary based on the number of colors included in the design. Screen charges range from $330 (one color) per screen to $390 (two colors) per screen. Note: two-color screens require production of two screens. For more than two color screens, please contact us for pricing. 
  • Printing costs range based on order size, size of fabric, type of design and number of colors included in the design. Printing costs range from $3.20 – $3.30 per yard (one color, 45”) to $5.90-$6.00 per yard (two colors, 45”). For anything other than these, please contact us for pricing. 

What kind of fabric can you print on? 

Any cotton-based fabric. 

What size do you print? 

We print on 45” fabric as well as 60” fabric.
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